The Huawei InFocus Awards is a competition inaugurated by HUAWEI. It was established to focus on the possibilities of a new generation in visual culture as well as mobile phone users worldwide.
It is an international competition thus we encourage everyone to participate. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that it is essential for your work to be made with a Huawei smartphone.

The "focus" in InFocus refers to a close-up look at the new generation of tools that allow to create and experience the latest visual content, inspiring new forms of interaction and feedback.

The first aim of the competition was to highlight the innovative spirit that HUAWEI, the creator of InFocus, has brought to the field of visual expression. The second aim was to convey its insight into the new territories where photography appears to be advancing.

Smartphone camera capabilities are becoming more and more powerful. As a result, mobile photography is flourishing like never before. New types of content and new ways to share it allow photographers to attract global audiences instantaneously.

Stemming from HUAWEI's innovative interpretation of modern photography, the InFocus Awards illustrate the brand's role in providing excellent tools—tools that make it possible for a new generation of viewers to experience the work of the new generation of creators.



  1. 24.06 Start Competition
  2. 11.08 Deadline for Entries
  3. 27.06-19.08 User Voting Time
  4. 20.08-29.08 Final Judging
  5. 08.09 Announcement the Winners