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Jeff Lim

At only 22, Jeff was diagnosed with an immune system defect that would totally alter his perception on life. “After I was diagnosed, deep down, I felt that life is fragile. I realised that living in the moment is what matters most. I told myself, ‘Jeff Lim, you only live once in this world. Whatever you want to do, you do it right away.’ Because when it comes to life, there is no take two – you never get a second life. So living in the moment is so important, and the most important thing is to enjoy life, and I do.”

He says others commonly perceive him as snobbish, but in reality, he’s as talkative and sincere as they get. “I love pets. While I cannot save all strays, I do donate to animal rescue shelters every month. It’s not much, but I consider it my little contribution to society.”


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