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Arriving in Malaysia in 2003, Holex worked in a palm plantation for the first 3 years. After returning from a visit to his village in Lombok, he started work in a construction company under his current boss.

Today he is a skilled plumber, having constructed many swimming pools. He learnt to swim in ponds and rivers back home, and says he “felt like a rich man for the first time” as he jumped in the pool. He realises it will “never be possible” for him to have a pool like this in his village, and is instead saving up to buy agricultural land back home for farming and to build a small house.

Like his father and mother – who each had multiple wives and husbands respectively – he wants to have 4 wives, as is the tradition and customs of his village.


ISO: 50 | Aperture: f/2.2 | Shutter: 1/800s