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Huat Lim

Huat started zlg when he was in London. Inspired and driven by people, particularly in their honesty and humility, he searches for project solutions within conversations held with clients and partners alike. To Huat, architecture is about shelter, comfort and well-being. He also believes that architecture should be about how people can live the good life without compromising on Mother Nature and humanity. What architecture is not – in Huat’s opinion – is a fashion parade, a competition, nor an ego trip. He believes in the power of architecture to shape a community that is intelligent, relevant, and sustainable. One example of a “happy project” that Huat fondly remembers working on is the Boh Visitor Centre, an architectural icon in Cameron Highlands, a site that projects the goodwill of the estate, embracing and connecting people to the place and its surroundings. 

ISO: 320 | Aperture: f/4.0 | Shutter: 1/35s