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Marilyn Woo

“I got my first tattoo 5 years ago. It was the size of a coin on my lower back. I liked it, but kept it secret from my family. Since then, I’ve gotten 4 more done: a rose on my back, a Ninja on my arm, and a cross together with a quote and a feather on my forearm. When my dad found out on Facebook about what I had done, he posted a comment saying ‘Why look like a gangster?’ 

I hope he’ll eventually accept that these tattoos mean something to me. The quote, ‘be not afraid, only believe’ keeps my head high when times are tough, and the cross was tattooed after my baptism. The Ninja girl is me, it represents the love for my job. As a compliance executive, I hunt down terrorist financings and report money laundering activities. I’m like a stealth hunter on Paypal.”

ISO: 320 | Aperture: f/2.2 | Shutter: 1/35s